Online Manga School - Lucca Manga School
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Discover manga with the masters

From Italy, to Japan, to you


Five lessons

In real time with real teachers


Two hours

With a 10 minute break

Once a week

With assignments in between


One topic

Each course has a clear focus

Our mission


We strive to bring the manga technique to the rest of the world, in its purest form.

It’s hard to find people who are both professionals and able to explain how they achieve their results, but we don’t stop there: all of our team is highly specialized in all the manga techniques and has studied with japanese masters of this art form.

This way you can interact with real professionals, at your service to guide you in your artistic journey, offering their expertise and experiences to fast track your skills towards becoming a manga artist.

Start now your professional journey

Our history


This all started as a dream, where people didn’t have to go all the way to Japan to learn how to draw manga, as we did. We knew it could be more simple, more effective, and easier on the wallet.

So we founded our manga school ten years ago, first starting in Italy and now we’re going worldwide for the first time, to bring you our knowledge.

We believe that manga is a technique, not a style, and certainly not a nationality. Anyone can draw manga, so long as they know its core values and approach humbly. 


Meet the staff


We know from experience that drawing well doesn’t mean being able to teach well. That’s why our staff is trained not only to the art of manga, but to the art of teaching as well.

We take special pride in our teachers, who have all studied in Japan or with japanese masters to hone their skills and become part of the industry. 

In our staff you will find mangakas, manga assistants, trained professionals who work in the art world and specialize in manga.


Why it works


Our lessons are not tutorials or pre-recorded videos: you will be able to connect with a trained teacher live.

For five lessons, two hours once a week, you will connect in our virtual classroom and discover something new every time, knowing that the teacher will adjust to your skill level.

Our favorite part: between each lesson, you will have assignments to complete which will be reviewed by the teacher in the following lesson. How do we exchange assignments? Through instant messaging. That way, whenever you have a question, you know your teacher can be there for you right away.

Don’t believe us: hear it from our students

Manga is something that describes vividly and deeply our human nature.

Eijiro Shimada

There is no nationality to manga, it’s something that the whole world can enjoy reading, and I believe everyone can enjoy making it too.

In over 40 years of experience I’ve seen people of all levels and coming from every place, all united under the same dream, and I think that it’s beautiful to have a dream.

Yokohama Manga School - Matsuda Ikuo, head teacher of Lucca Manga School

Manga is only drawn by Japanese people. That’s why there’s no new ideas, and after a while every story starts to look the same. 

We live in a small island, we can only dream so far. That’s why we need people of every nation bringing their stories to us, so that we can all enjoy ideas we would’ve never been able to have ourselves.

Yosuke Sugino, chief editor of Ichijinsha